Three Elections

Please vote

  • For your County Councillor
  • Your Bassingham and Brant Broughton District Councillor By-election
  • Your Police and Crime Commissioner

We pay our tax and expect some say in how it is spent, that’s democracy. Women and men have fought and died for that privilege.

You will have noticed that we Lincolnshire Independents work our socks off for you in our communities, for years, and ask for just one thing in return from you personally – a cross in the box once in four years!

Voting in person

Voting in the polling stations is between 7am and 10pm, with the usual covid-safe way. Please bring a pen or pencil if you can.

Moved house recently?

You need to be registered at your current address. Registering to vote by 19th April 11.59pm is easy on line

Voting by post

STEP 1 Print off and complete the simple request form

STEP 2 Return it to the District Council by April 20th 5pm.

Either directly to Election Registration, NKDC, Kesteven Street, Sleaford NG34 7EF or by e-mail:

For the first time ever, you can return a scanned copy of your form by e-mail, making sure the whole signature is clear. Send scanned form to

From mid-April you will receive voting papers at home, where you use your vote and post back in the envelope provided. You can take also take your sealed postal vote to the Returning officer in the polling station on May 6th before 5pm.

Voting by proxy

You can arrange for someone to vote on your behalf. They have to be registered voters. You download the simple form, complete and return them in the same way by Tuesday April 27th 5pm.