Independents at the new Lincoln Cathedral Centre 4th March

Local Government Association Independent Regional Event

At Lincoln Cathedral Centre 4th March 2022

Thanks to all who joined us for an inspiring day at the new Lincoln Cathedral Centre for a conference hotspot on post-covid issues. Disappearing Councils, “levelling-up”, mental health and tackling climate change all featured strongly.  (Agenda attached)

Thanks to Helen-Ann Smith, Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council for chairing the morning.  Councillors “From where I stand…” included insights into the workings of County Council from Phil Dilks, taking your election by storm, from Kevin Etheridge and an unpleasant transition, from Jim Hakewill on going unitary.

Cllr Ed Gemmell gave a powerful and moving presentation, sharing his personal journey and inspiring us to do more on tackling climate change. Victoria Sleight encouraged us with improvements developing to better support mental health in Lincolnshire and left councillors wanting to do more, with good support from the District Councils. Cllr Jill Makinson-Sanders lead a discussion on keeping people power alive, post covid, drawing on our fundamentally important communities. Our talk on public health priorities post covid focussed on mental health, healthy diet and exercise after the lockdown, Children and young people. Our last and very informative session on Saving the planet, starting here from Matt Babic of Anthesis covered useful priorities we need to see in our Climate Change action plans.

Thanks to colleagues for being prepared to speak for three minutes on soap box corner. Cllr Terry Aldridge, ex head-teacher, did a powerful piece on Facing up to Prostate cancer. Ami Clarke spoke knowledgably of her work in mental health, followed by engaging talks from colleagues, including Cllrs Robert Oates, Edward Mossop, Phil Dilks, Daniel Simpson and Jim Clarke.

Newly opened is the exhibition in the visitor’s Centre adjacent to the Cathedral with the fascinating Romanesque frieze.  Next, at a private viewing and evening reception in the Collection Museum, we created a ring of peace around the Gaia Earth, the art installation by Luke Jerram. It was a very poignant moment in the light of the disaster in Ukraine and natural disasters caused by climate change. There is a great deal for Independent Councillors to do.

Holding the World in our hands!