Lincolnshire Independent Alison Snookes was elected onto Sleaford Town Council last night, after a hard fought campaign.

Huge thanks to all for helping and for voting to #elect Lincolnshire Independent Alison Snookes.  Alison will do a great job for #Sleaford and has already started on the issues raised on the doorsteps, thank you.

Turnout was over 20% for an August by-election.  For half the area, their local polling station had closed. They had to realise this and to look for the new polling station, which was no longer a stroll to the end of the road! So if the read the card and made the change, they were doing well! Of 267 postal votes issued, there were 175 returned successfully, a 65% turnout.

Returning Officer reads out the results; Lincolnshire Independent Alison Snookes 220, Conservative 135 votes, Independent 35 votes

What we learned on the doorsteps

People who supported Alison were pleased that they knew her or had met her on their doorstep.  Others felt connected as they knew her work teaching at the Girls’ School in Grantham or as Governor at the William Alvey Primary School in Sleaford, or living locally at her church or swimming groups.  Many were happy with her leaflets and felt she was a good person they could trust and someone who would respond well as a councillor.

There are some who bluntly said “we don’t vote” on principle. Some people were clearly annoyed by the national going’s on, put off by politics.  Some people were not sure how much difference a local councillor can do on things that matter, disappointed at local maintenance of highways, lack of access to health care and dentists. Some people were sorry to see the change in character of Sleaford, missing the variety of small shops and the animal market and unhappy with the increase in traffic accompanying the arrival of a lot more housing.

What can local councillors do?

Local Councillors are the voice of local residents on councils. They listen and respond, working together to get the best we can for our communities. A local councillor can and does take action for individuals or groups.  No-one can achieve much in isolation. Working together, Lincolnshire Independents are determined to work for residents, not anyone else’s manifesto.  We work for and with you, with colleagues and officers in all Councils and nationally with Government to solve the bigger problems and create a happy, healthy place to live and work. Almost all of what matters is under the influence of local councils, from streets, open spaces, play areas to education, health and supporting small businesses.  A local Councillor gets to know how things work and to speak up with you to strengthen your voice when it matters.

Here is a piece about Alison, written before the election.


Voting Today Thursday 4th August Sleaford Westholme Ward

All day (7am-10pm) at Northgate Methodist Church Hall, Church Lane, NG34 7DF

Greetings !

Like you, I want the very best for people who live here.  I am asking for your vote. I am local, community minded and a Lincolnshire Independent, part of a team standing for Sleaford.

  1. Local: I was born in Sleaford, attended Sleaford High School, taught at the Girls’ School in Grantham and serve as Governor at the William Alvey School. With my husband Adrian Snookes, we raised our family here in Sleaford.
  2. Strong Community Support: Together we support all of Sleaford’s residents and help organise many activities such as the Jubilee 40’s Day in Sleaford, attended by over 2,000 people. I work with local charities and with the New Life Church, am really pleased to support the new Community Shop in Sleaford and youth club moving in next door. I am deeply committed to all our local communities.
  3. As a Lincolnshire Independent, I am free to listen to you and take effective action for you. I am supported in that with experienced and determined councillors who have a strong track record of improving our local environment, services and supporting our local businesses and communities.

Why vote? Much of what happens in our streets is influenced by the Town Council, using part of our council tax. Please add your voice as to how it is spent, by voting for me now.

As a Lincolnshire Independent, I vote independently and put people before politics. Lincolnshire Independents are winning locally, and succeeding on the Council, because we have a determined team working to get the best for you and your neighbours here is Sleaford.

Thank you for reading my leaflet and finding out why I am the best choice for your vote. I hope to have an opportunity to speak with you in the coming weeks.

I care about our local area and want our communities to thrive in our beautiful, active town – that is something worth fighting for.

Let’s make our Town Council work for us locally and not for the government in Westminster!

Please vote for me.

Alison Snookes

Put your vote with the person you can trust. Please vote for Alison Snookes

for Town Council in Sleaford Westholme Ward on 4th August 2022

Alison’s leaflets are here.