I write following the inspirational Lionesses winning the football Euros. Brilliant!  This month I am leading on Carers and Highways.


Hot and dry – weather extremes

On the hottest day on record, trends explain there is evidence that we can expect many more. Trains all cancelled on the East Coast, tarmac melts at 50 degrees – that’s tarmac temperature in the sun, not air temp – £4.6million homes overheat, crops looking sorry for themselves, waterways low with fish and wildlife deaths.

Meanwhile, Government Plans to tackle the issue are falling short, according to the High court this month.

Seems to me that anyone who is voting for tax cuts at this time will need to answer how are we going to cope with even less services and face up to still bigger challenges.


Calling on Government

With the current turmoil in choosing a PM, I have been working to get things ready for September 5th.  Working with the Local Government Association, I met with Rishi Sunak on funding, with Michael Gove on the levelling up agenda, with Lord Richard Harrington on refugees, with Greg Clark, standing in for local government and Lord Callanan on widening the rules to ease access to grants for insulation of homes, including Council homes. As Leaders of Local Government, we followed up with an open letter. I represented Local Government at an international conference in Bologna, Italy, speaking on tackling climate change.

I also shared a platform with Kemi Badenoch promoting a cleaner kinder politics in our “Debate not Hate” campaign.


Yesterday Lincolnshire County Council, discussed Carers who have not received their annual review nor the support they need, due to massive increase in demand. Councillors raised the importance of timely care and assistance, important also in heading off bigger problems. Aside from supporting carers, the adult care service in Lincolnshire is mainly performing well, but more is needed in future. Link

Carers First

Carers First works with and for unpaid carers providing information and advice. Staff, like Lincolnshire Independent, Cllr Amelia Bailey are passionate about getting the right support for carers to thrive. Amelia runs a coffee morning on the second Thursday monthly 9.30-11 at Tilly’s Tea Shop, Metheringham. Ask for her list of good days out. Contact or ring 0300 303 1555

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Two years ago we were promised more police. Sadly this includes replacements and they are all now based in Lincoln, with little or no patrols in the rural areas. We  have a significant increase in the seriousness of anti-social behaviour resulting in five arrests so far after an incident in Metheringham. Please report incidents on 101 or



We complain a lot about Highways and some areas are in dire need of urgent repair. However, after much pressure to keep the budget, and get repairs done, I am impressed to see some great improvements. Let’s keep them that way with prompt reporting on fixmystreet by residents and prompt repairs by Lincolnshire County Council.

Some of the Rural Roads that have been brought up to standard in my area are on the marked routes shown. The full set of pictures is on my facebook. Thank you to our Parish Councils working with me on your next priorities. Thanks also to volunteers coming forward for speedwatch schemes. Please let your parish clerk know if you can help.

Major Road Repairs A607 and A17

The bridge over the A17 between Fulbeck and Leadenham is being repaired to Sept 2nd  I have asked the signs make it clear that the rest of the A607 is open for business.  I have also raised concern over the poor surface of the A17, now being resurfaced overnight. Updates on


School Success

St Michael’s, Thorpe on the Hill her with teacher, Caroline Blanchard, manned their excellent “St Michael’s Jubilee Garden” at the Lincolnshire Show – quite brilliant!


Restaurant reopened

Open to the public, you may like to pop in to the  Lincolnshire County Council at Newlands, approaching from the back of the building. People with learning difficulties are very excited to be opening their own restaurant, baking and cooking in the commercial kitchen overseen by well-qualified cooks. Takeaway or sit down for simple lunches. All they want is more customers, please!

New rules on planning

Huge thanks to all who put in responses to the changes proposed to the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan. These are the rules against which every planning application gets decided.

The full list of responses is here, including from Coleby and Welbourn Parish Council and from the Lincolnshire Independents.

The proposed plan, now with the Inspector is here.
Summary of main issues raised is here.
Main Issues Raised at Regulation 19 Consultation document, which is available in the Planning Policy Library on the website (see document ‘STA020’):

If you would like to be part of the process, please e-mail Hannah Charlish is doing the admin. 07973 916952. Website


Fuel Cost Hike

As heating bills are estimated to rise to £3,500 on average, the Government hand-out of £400 will automatically arrive to all homes with an electricity connection, in installments of £66-7 per month for six months from October. Bills are expected to rise a great deal more than that, so it is worth having another look at making sure you have what you need and saving energy.

Citizen’s Advice: Help with School uniforms and activities is available. 0808 278 7942/40


Parish Councils often have grants for individuals as well.


Earth Overshoot Day: 28th July

This is the day of the year where all this year’s share of resources are used up.  From July 28th to the end of the year, the earth’s population is now borrowing from future generations.  This month has seen a national emergency declared over the heatwave, temperatures hitting their highest on record, and wildfires across large parts of the country. We need to use less. I am pressing the Government to make grants for home  insulation and other measures more readily available and for our Council to better insulate homes. “Growth” cannot be the only objective in life, if we want a future.
Saving Energy – how low can you go?

If everyone in the UK saved 1%, it would add up to 6.8m tonnes of carbon emissions and a lot of money.

  • Driving steadily – save 15%
  • Walking or cycling short distances
  • One vegetarian day per week – saves 100kg/yr
  • Dropping thermostat by 1degree – saves 8% off the bill
  • Washing clothes at 30deg instead of 40 – saves 30%
  • Insulating the water tank – saves £100/yr

Venue: The Hub in Sleaford

The hub has had a £1.2m upgrade and is available for rent. It provides a good venue from meetings and workshop space to training and away days. For more information please view the hiring pack here.

For the Venue in Navenby  07505145061

Hammond Hall, Bassingham


Have your say on tourism in Lincolnshire

Visit Lincoln have started a 12-month research programme across Greater Lincolnshire with thousands of visitors, residents and students to understand what’s needed (now and in the future) to have a thriving and well connected visitor economy across Lincolnshire. Can you help them get it right, please? Survey here.  The quality of a visit is also enhanced by our Leisure services, some struggling increased fuel costs and wage rises.

Nominate your business for an award?


Supporting Business and Communities

European funds to UK stopped on leaving the EU. The funds we no longer send have stayed with the Government. The new distribution of these funds is called the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It is £2.6bn and Lincolnshire has been allocated £3.1m to be drawn down if they approve the business plan we submit. 12 Aims include; Boost living standards and health, employment opportunity and skills, transport, community wellbeing and pride of place.  It is very broad. What do you think we should be focussing on?


Free Business Support

NKDC provides an advisor, Phil Means who will talk through your position and your ideas. 07920 472671

This website is very good


NK Champion Awards

You can be a business sponsor or nominate a champion by September 9th


Sponsoring Merry O Rourke from Coleby

At 15, Merry is cycling 350 miles with her Dad along the River Danube to raise funds for Parkinsons UK and Stand up to Cancer. Her journey log is at Want to contribute? Try the QR code.


Stronger Voices on keeping safe

To keep our communities safer, the Police are seeking to engage more with your people in a series of events. Are you 11-21 and interested? Please get in touch.


Are you registered to vote?

An e-mail or letter from North Kesteven will arrive at every home over the summer, inviting you to update the electoral register. Only those who have chosen to be on the register, can vote. It is your choice to keep it confidential or not, so there is no down-side. You may well want to ask for a postal vote at the same time to make voting easier.


Best Wishes and thank you for all you continue to do in our communities and your kind support.


Marianne Overton MBE

Working together to support people and planet


August Events

5th Lino Printing Workshop Mrs Smith’s Cottage £23

Lino Printing Workshop – 5th August, 10am to 4pm

6th St Michael’s, Church Coffee Hour, Bassingham 10.30am

7th Folk Festival at Leadenham 11am ‘til dusk

7th Coleby Boot sale

10th U3A at Wellingore Memorial Hall Blood bikers 10.30

13th Bassingham Annual Village show

27/28th Arts and Crafts at St Mary’s, Carlton le Moorland

28th Harmston Beer Festival at Memorial Hall


September Events

3rd Harmston Village Show at the Memorial Hall 2pm

3rd Brant Broughton Garage Sale 10am

4th Coleby Boot Sale

17th Bassingham Ball (01522 789423)

20th Welbourn Coffee Shop 10am-noon

24th Coleby Ball


Some pictures to brighten your day

Heckington Show

Sleaford Museum and Sleaford Civic Trust engaging Councillor Peter Overton

Business Highlight: 

Louise Boulton, Leasingham 07484 894184 and Candy 07826 005890

Evening Concert with “Rule the World”, a Take That tribute band