I hope you are doing well. This is my newsletter to let you know what I am doing on your
behalf and to keep in touch with you. Let me know if I can help with anything.

This month I am leading on Tackling Climate Change.

Tackling Climate Change COP27
I was honoured to speak on your behalf at COP27 in
Egypt about what our Councils are doing to tackle
climate change and mitigate for the impacts we can
already see beginning. I was part of the team sent by
CEMR, representing over 100,000 Councils in
Europe. I was on the podium four times, showcasing
what local councils are doing in the UK and abroad.
In our ministerial meeting, we made representations
about the importance of councils at the heart of
local action. Thankfully, Councils were written into
the final agreement as part of the solution.
Having the world’s leaders committing publicly to
action is a powerful force, backed by activists and by
councils, industry and people at home, making the
changes we need. And there is much more to do.
Full report:

Others were going on to the Convention on
Biological Diversity COP15 in Montreal. As human
pressure has increased on nature, so the abundance
and variety has suffered. The aim is to achieve less
damage and more protection of the natural world.
Is it possible to have a waste-free Christmas? Here
are some ideas from the National Trust, called “How
to have a greener Christmas”.

Independent specially trained and accredited councillor

colleagues or “peers” met in Sheffield for a day top-up on our

training, including how to assist councils do more on tackling

climate change and the cost of living crisis.

Making our homes warmer

On a ten-week online training course, I learnt how to
improve our housing both private and publicly
owned. I have been pressing the Government for
better funding for insulation and asked to be on a
Government Task Group helping Councils access
the funding and make best use of it. A billion
pounds was announced this week for houses up to
tax band D. I am hoping the scheme will be easier to
access and more flexible than the last. At NKDC, we
put £1m aside. We also applied for funds to make
200 council houses more energy efficient up to
grade C, which is the legal efficiency minimum for
private rented properties by 2025. For more info “climate action hub”. The
feedback webinar is on Dec 6th.

Home Energy Upgrade Scheme. The old funds are
still available if you are on income less than £30K/yr
and your home has an energy efficiency rating of E
or below. Please check on the NKDC website.
Supporting local Businesses

1 Shop Local
Lincolnshire Independent have called for the Council to
focus on support for small businesses and they are
now doing a lot. You might like to add your business to
the website; take free professional advice or access
European grants are still available to tackle flooding
from the Flood innovation centre 01482 462275.
Register at

2. Funding to support you in going green
Moy Park won the business sustainability award
from NKDC this year. Can it be you next year?
Funding is available for making buildings greener
with insulation, electric charging points, solar
panels and nature-based solutions. You can also
helpfully showcase your own good examples online.

3. Good Survey here to shape our support
2022 – Business Survey – Action on Climate Change

4. Helpful Webinars

6th. 13th, 28th Dec “events”

Supporting Bus Services
For Christmas bus service timetables throughout
Lincolnshire – please visit
Lincolnshire County Council
LCC and North Kesteven
District Council NKDC
Published by Marianne Overton MBE, Lincolnshire Independents, Hilltop, Welbourn, Lincs LN5 0QH 01400 273323 or /page 2
Supporting local transport
Here also is CallConnect and ConnectBus operating
office hours throughout the Christmas and New Year,
taking you where you want to go. The Lincolnshire
County Council transport Helpline is 0345 456 4474
Monday – Friday 9am- 6pm, Saturdays 9.30am – 4pm.
Our friendly team will be happy to help. You can also
apply here for a concessionary bus pass, which you
can use on all the bus services.
Navenby runs a voluntary hospital car scheme, through
the Parish Office. 01522 811132

Supporting People

Cost of Living support: Stretch it, save it, share it!
We are providing a very useful summary of
information on everything that might be useful to
support you through the cost of living crisis. Search
“NKDC Cost of living”
Warm Home Discount: £150 off electricity bill if on
low income: Check if you are eligible online.

Community Grants
Please see the November newsletter which focussed
on grants.

Rural Prosperity Fund on its way
North Kesteven was allocated £3/4m from the
Government, but it has to be bid for by the end of
November. Grants from this fund will be available to
us locally from 1st April 2023. We are applying for
money to support small businesses and community
infrastructure that will help the rural economy.

Warm Spaces
You can register your “warm space” with

Keeping fit or how to be ten years younger!
Most of our villages have exercise classes which are
sociable and set at the right level for you.
New classes are in Harmston Memorial Hall with
Michelle Turner; Healthy heart on Monday 11.30am,
Pilates on Thursday 10am and chair exercises on
Thursday 11.15am Also at Bassingham Hall.

Supporting our local Museum
Mrs Smith’s Cottage on East Road, Navenby,
remains a jewell in the crown of North Kesteven.
Thanks to volunteers for their generous support of
this little museum acquired by NKDC with local
support some thirty years ago. Plants left in Sleaford
in tribute to the Queen, have been planted as an
enduring part of Mrs Smith’s garden. Christmas
events include the popular Santa at the Cottage on
the 17th December 12.30-3pm. Do bring the family
along or just pop in to buy a nice present.

Fighting for our local area-planning
The new local plan is the set of rules against which
every planning application is compared to see
whether it should pass or fail. That plan is being
inspected this week. The public Inquiry is open at
the Double Tree by Hilton on the Brayford Pool next
to the Marriott 10am-4pm until 9th December.
Following our extensive discussions and two public
meetings, in Bassingham and Navenby, you will
remember we wrote a paper on the local plan
proposed changes, which I copied onto the
appropriate forms and submitted in due time. We
supported an improvement in energy efficiency
requirements, but said it should be brought forward

We also objected to;
1) the significant growth planned in villages
changing their character and without the facilities to
2) the new approach to generally allow turbines up
to 125m and identifying spots where large turbines
would be acceptable, two of them in or close to our home area.

Under the guise of “levelling up” and “devolution”,
the Government is centralising power, under the
radar, by dissolving local Councils into bigger units,
which have even less reason to listen to their
residents. The Lincolnshire public consultation
rejected a combined authority, but we see it forming
stealthily in stages, keeping us on an impossibly
short leash financially and offering us money to give
up our local powers and our local councils.
The Government’s “devolution deal” is here at Item
11 on the County Council agenda for 9
th Dec. District
Council District Councils are not statutorily involved
and could be excluded if they do not “toe a line”.

Mrs Smith’s Cottage

Boundary Changes
Parliamentary Boundaries
Consultation closed at the weekend. The map takes
south Kesteven out of the Sleaford and Hykeham
constituency, which is OK.
Waddington East and Waddington are in different
parliamentary areas, but in the same new District
Council Ward, called Waddington Rural Ward.
District Council Elections May 4th

New ward boundaries: Despite our combined
efforts, Harmston and Coleby leave the Cliff Villages
and go in with Waddington. Most of my current
ward, the Cliff Villages from Boothby Graffoe to
Leadenham and now including Brant Broughton and
Beckingham, is called “Navenby and Brant
Broughton”, with two councillors.

Voter ID: Currently the Government plans to require
photo identification at the polling station. I have
argued against this at all levels, as have all my nonConservative colleagues nationally. Fraud in person
is very rare, whereas significant fraud has been
found in the postal votes. Having the right
documents is another barrier and a discouragement
for those who do not have, or do not carry, the right
form of ID. The electoral staff say it is extremely
difficult to review the polling stations and get the
system in place in time, especially as extra staff will
be needed.

Photo ID needed to Vote in May

If voter ID is required in May, it will be
worth getting onto a postal vote. You can still take
your postal vote to the polling station on the day.
The simple forms are here for return to More advice is here. Please make
sure you are registered to vote.

Local Events
Wellingore 19th Dec 12-4pm at the Marquis, stalls,
refreshments and light switch-on with choir at 2pm.

The Advent windows in Welbourn start at the
Joiners on 1 December then loop the village for a
week or so then branch out, map to follow. Many
thanks to everyone who is taking part.

Thanks to Wellingore Memorial Hall Team organising
a great night out with the Ex-Kittens, Martin Jackson
and Austin T.

Some More Local Events
4th Children’s Christmas Party, Welbourn £2.50 for West
Kesteven Wildlife Watch and RSPB Explorers
6th Bassingham Lunch Club noon Carmen 788996
8th Christmas Tea and Chat Norton Disney
10th Christmas coffee morning Norton Disney 2-4pm
10th Bassingham Choir Carol Concert in Church 7.30pm
11th Carol Singing at the Royal Oak, Aubourn 7pm
14th Last date to send Goodies to Christmas Larder Andy
and Sue 01522 788303
14th U3A Wellingore Memorial Hall 10.30am
17th Carlton le Moorland Over 60’s Christmas Lunch Vill.
Hall 1pm 01522 788303 to help or attend
17th Musical Christmas at St Mary’s Carlton le Moorland
£5 Children free Tickets 01522 788748
17th and 18th Sleeping Beauty at Wellingore Memorial Hall
with the Cliffside Players £5 2pm and 7pm
17th Wellingore Christmas event noon-4pm
20th Bassingham Lunch Club noon Carmen 788996
21st Carol Singing at Tony Spray’s Barn, Thurlby 3pm
21st Nine lessons at St Peter’s, Norton Disney 7pm
24th Crib service at St Michael’s Bassingham
24th Night Services, Carlton le Moorland 9pm, Bassingham
11pm, Wellingore 7.30pm, Coleby.
25th Services at Harmston, Navenby 10am
26th Welbourn Boxing Day Walk 10am
29th Waste not want not, St Michael’s Church,
Bassingham, bring 9.30-11.30am, collect 1-3.30pm
3rd Bassingham Lunch Club noon Carmen 788996
7th St Michael’s Church Coffee, Stapleford 10.30-11.30am
11th U3A Wellingore Memorial Hall 10am
15th Praise and Pizza Witham St Hughs Village Hall 4pm
17th Bassingham Lunch Club noon Carmen 788996
19th Garden Club in Tower Room, Hammond Hall,
Bassingham 7.30pm Paul Maxey, Scothern Nursery
26th Waste not want not, St Michael’s Church,
Bassingham, bring 9.30-11.30am, collect 1-3.30pm
28th Carlton le Moorland Art Demonstration, paint along
with Karin Christensen in ink and watercolour 10am
29th Stapleford Parish Celebration, All Saints 10.30am
31st Bassingham Lunch Club noon Carmen 788996

Best Wishes and thank you for all you continue to do in
our communities and your kind support.


Marianne Overton MBE

Working together to support people and planet

Published by Marianne Overton MBE, Lincolnshire Independents, Hilltop, Welbourn, Lincs LN5 0QH 01400 273323 or /page 4

Useful Information
Local shops for healthy eating
East Midlands Dairy 01636 614760
Nick Streeter’s fish etc. 01400 272547
The Old Forge, Brant Broughton 01400 273796
Greens, Bassingham 01522 788200
Welbourn Post Office and Stores 01400 272242
Leadenham Farm Shop 01400 273988
Our local pubs – for wamth and good company
Royal Oak, Aubourn 01522 788 291
The Tempest, Coleby 01522 810258
Thorold Arms, Harmston 07971 029 534
The Bugle Horn, Bassingham 01522 789773
The Five Bells, Bassingham 01522 788269
The Red Lion, Wellingore 01522 810071
The Marquis of Granby, Wellingore 01522 811100
The Joiners Arms, Welbourn 01400 279356
Black Swan, Beckingham 01636 626474
Kings Head, Navenby 01522 810367
Generous Briton Brant Broughton Tues-Sat 01400 272119
Akash Indian Takeaway 01522 811126 Navenby
Navenby Chinese Takeaway 01522 810773

Pre-cooked meals
Hot lunches for senior citizens 01522 404025 Bassingham,
£5 for two courses. Book by Sunday 5pm
Primary hot lunches Thurs and Sat 01522 788488
Age UK will deliver 21 small single person meals for £20,
plus £7 delivery 03455 564 144 – weekly meal boxes

Business Advice is free from NKDC Phil Means on
07920 472671 @BusinessNK
Monthly webinars are on
First Aid Course online
St John Ambulance

Parish Offices for local support and information
Navenby Venue Tuesday to Friday 10-noon
Witham Office at Bassingham in the Hammond Hall,
LN5 9HQ 01522 789758 Open Mon, Wed, Thurs 9-1pm
Local Police Statistics

Access to Wellbeing Services and Care
Covid Helpline continues 01522 782189
The Carers service 01522 782224
Support for Adult care is available 01522 782155
Supporting People
Umbrellas events supporting all ages with additional
needs and their families
#EveryMindMatters advise on coping with anxiety and
improving your mental health:
Mental health
Bereavement Helpline St Barnabus 0300 303 1897
Befriending Service Lincolnshire YMCA 01529 301965 0800 1448444 free 8am-6pm

Church Services with Michelle Godbold
Christine Goldsmith
Navenby Methodist Church 01522 685226
Bassingham Church Facebook page
Venue Finder
420 Lincolnshire Village halls are registered here.
Useful Advice for Charities
To protect a house or business against flooding
Roadworks Twitter #lincscc roads
Register to vote or get a postal vote
Search “Postal vote .Gov” or link here.
Community Larders
Sleaford Community Larder at the Newlife Centre
Bassingham Church last Thurs monthly, donate before
11.30am Parishioners can collect a box 1.30pm-3.30pm.

Help save lives and keep countryside clean
Report Potholes 01522 782070
Or use “Fix my street” on line – works well.
Report Litter 01529 414155
Report illegal parking 01522 511142 or
Adult Concern 01522 782151
Police: Sgt Ken Whyte, plus PCSO’s 101 or
07973 846537/235/5827
Floodline 24/7 on 01522 782082

Highways, Transport and Travel
Good newsletter from
Roadworks lincolnshire
Transport shows all the options,
or ask 01522 581906
Call Connect 8.30am – 7pm Weekdays and to 5pm
Saturdays 0345 234 33 44 or 01522 553143
Dial a ride 01522 544983 Disabled door to door

Local Websites
Facebook Hykeham town rural NPT T @hykeham NPT
Buses or Traveline 0871 200 22 33
Ready for a free buspass? 0345 456 4474
Mobile Library 01522 782010 or
Planning on line
See and comment on applications to get your voice heard.
Search “planning on line north Kesteven”
Local Plan 01529 308084
Village websites; Navenby
and Wellingore business
Welbourn, Leadenham and Coleby are on the LCC site
Branston www
Branston Library 01522 880426

County Events- Good web page here search on “county news”
Wheelchair loan: No Name Lodge Geoff Nelson 788213
Young People Grants Carlton Le Moorland 07943760155

Ukraine Refugee Support
• Information
and in Lincolnshire
• Matching Service
• The Wellbeing Lincs service can be accessed by
Ukrainian arrivals or their host families to get further
advice and support. or calling 01507 613044 office hours.
• Local facebook network for Ukraine m4ukraine
• Donate: Support for refugees already here, I suggest
the Lincolnshire Community Foundation
• British Red Cross

Grants for Energy Efficiency 0808 278 7942. Veterans Also ask your Parish Council

Offer of IT help: Drop-in Digital Hubs
Bring your device to the surgery!
Every Tuesday Sleaford Town Hall 10.30am-noon
Every Wednesday Metheringham Library 10.30-noon
Every Thurs Waddington Community Hub 1-2.30pm

Warm Hubs and Pubs
There is a number of warm hubs opening where anyone
can turn off the heating at home and go along for sociable
chat or just read.
• Our local library at Navenby in the Venue is open
Monday morning 10-noon, Wednesday and Friday
afternoons 3-5 and 2-4pm, thanks to volunteers.
• Monthly Coffee Shop at Welbourn Sat 19th
• Beckingham Social Club Members Wed 2-4pm
• Leadenham Wed 2-4pm Third Wed monthly
• Bassingham Hammond Hall Nov 19th 10am-noon
There are lots of clubs and events – welcome!
Withamside Art Mondays at Norton Disney 1-4pm