Voting in April and May 4th 2023

Both District and Parish Council Elections May 4th 


Voter ID: Despite widespread objections from the Electoral Commission and Councillors, the Government has decided to require photo identification at the polling stations. I have argued against this at all levels, and continue meetings with the ministers this week to try and improve how it is implemented. Fraud in person is very rare, whereas significant fraud has been found in the postal votes, so this new requirement is more of a barrier than a help.

Nevertheless, we need to either get a postal vote or bring photo ID on the day. A bus pass, photo driving licence or a passport will be OK, as long as the picture looks like you.


Postal Vote: If voter ID is required in May, it will be worth getting onto a postal vote.  You can still take your postal vote to the polling station on the day. The simple forms are here for return to More advice is here.

Please make sure you are registered to vote.  If you want a hand with getting the forms, please contact the District Council 01529 414155 or let me know.


New ward boundaries: Despite our combined efforts, Harmston and Coleby leave the Cliff Villages and vote with Waddington.  Most of my current ward, the Cliff Villages from Boothby Graffoe to Leadenham, Brant Broughton and Beckingham, is called “Navenby and Brant Broughton”. The new map is here and notes here.


Can you give me a hand?

I am looking for someone who enjoys organising meetings and events, fund-raising on line, keeping in touch with people and generally making good things happen locally.  Interested? Please give me a call. 07920 235 364

If you would like to stand as a Councillor or help, please give me a ring!

07920 235 364