Over 60,000 people have signed this petition against the Conservative plan to put thousands of asylum seekers together in three MOD sites, one being Scampton.  Scampton has an advanced £300m heritage plan, now heading for the scrap heap.  At the same time, the Conservatives are forcing a cut to local policing by removing all of our rural Police Community Support Officers in North Kesteven, save two in Sleaford.

Then there is the NHS and dangerous ambulance wait times. A sick friend of mine and her husband with a heart condition were sent to Lincoln A and E by their doctor for urgent treatment.  They waited for 33 hours to see a medical professional – in chairs in the waiting area, not even a trolley in sight. That was deemed “not uncommon”.  That was in a very recent working week and without the strikes. It is not good enough.

Our local services desperately need a recovery plan, not more pressure from more people, thousands at a time.

It’s time to send a message with your vote on 4th May.  Vote for the Councillors you can trust to always put your interests first. Vote Lincolnshire Independent for determined action towards a better future.