This election matters to every one of us. Local Councils control or influence almost everything about our daily lives, in the streets and in our homes.  Councils are tackling climate change, improving town centres, local economies, education, health and care. If you care about our community, please vote.

Lincolnshire Independents are your voice on our local councils. We are Independents who work together to deliver the best for you, our residents. Please vote Lincolnshire Independent in the local elections on 4th May.

As Lincolnshire Independents, we answer to you and together, we have the power to be effective. We listen, think, speak and vote focussed not on big party policy, but looking at the facts in front of us and working for residents. Our councillors stand because they are part of our communities and care about our home area. Find out about them on

More than half of the elected councillors last time were Independent and we have driven the District Council to some significant successes, and there is much more we need to do.

Do you agree that we need better roads, better healthcare, better emergency services and better local policing?  Then please don’t vote for more Conservative cuts. Let’s not be taken for granted and seriously short-changed.

Vote Lincolnshire Independent if you do not want to be the dumping ground for miles for solar panels, asylum seekers in unsuitable ghettoes and excessive house building without the services you need.

If you are angry at how national politics is damaging us locally, the only action that matters to the politicians is to use your vote. Vote for a better option. Vote Lincolnshire Independent.

All our candidates have already been doing remarkable work in their local communities. Our phenomenal team also brings significant skills from running large and small organisations and businesses.

Lincolnshire Independents are local people, prepared to stand up for their communities, with a proven track record of getting things done. For reliable, effective support, please use your vote and vote Lincolnshire Independent on May 4th.