Huge thanks to everyone for terrific support in these elections for our Lincolnshire Independent Councillors.
In North Kesteven, all our current Lincolnshire Independents who stood, topped their polls and were re-elected. One member got almost a thousand votes. Thank you to Glenn Tinsley for his work, stepping down for now.
Thanks to our members who worked incredibly hard to communicate with every resident. Thanks very much indeed to each and every resident who took the trouble to use their vote and vote for us – magnificent!
We also won four new seats: Amelia Bailey in Ashby de la Launde, Digby and Scopwick, Paul Turner in Branston, Mitch Elliott in Witham St Hughs and Ann Mear in Sleaford Westhome. We were within a hair’s breath of winning new seats in Heighington and Washingborough with Gareth Bailey on 806 with one of the biggest turnouts at 35%. Close new wins were also at Waddington Rural with Barry Earnshaw, who needed 6 more votes on 695 votes, and Metheringham Rural where Helen Dodd needed just 8 votes, with 635. We’ll keep everyone engaged and able to contribute in different ways.
Many counts were incredibly close, with a win of one vote, showing that EVERY vote really does count. Thank you for voting. Turnout averaged around 30%. Lincolnshire Independents totalled well over 10,000 votes in this one District and eleven District Council seats.
Lincolnshire Independent, Peter Overton came second in the County vote, with a full field of 8 candidates. Peter put all parties save one, in the shade. Congratulations to Alison Snookes who won her Town Council seat with resounding success.
Independents have been the majority on the Council for the past four years. We worked hard to make the best council we could to serve our residents. We proposed and won support for the Environment, making that a key priority, making homes more energy efficient and changing the local plan so new development follows suit. We drove the agenda to support local services, fighting for better GP access, local policing and Police support community officers, better ambulance support, local banking and to uphold high standards in our councillors. I am proud to say we have made a significant contribution to making North Kesteven a good Council, one of the runners-up in a national competition this year.
All the results for North Kesteven can be found here
Lincolnshire Independents in North Kesteven District Council
East Lindsey
Huge Congratulations to Independents in East Lindsey, led by Jill Makinson-Sanders.
I am also especially pleased to see Cllr Daniel Simpson, a long-standing Lincolnshire Independent back in place!
The Independents successfully more than doubled their number and prepared to challenge the sitting minority Conservatives, only able to take the Leadership propped up by two Lib Dems.
Full results are here:
East Lindsey Independents
West Lindsey
Big Congratulations to our candidates, Chris Darcel topping the poll with over 900 votes in Cherry Willingham Ward and Paul Key in Gainsborough North, gaining a new seat with over 600 votes.. Diana Rogers has also won her seat again, a well deserved win.
Full Results are here:
A fantastic win for the Boston Independents, taking the majority!
Leader, Ann Dorrian was delighted to see 18 of the 24 Boston Independents win; “It tells you something about the Council and the way it has been run,” she said, with some clear ideas about where to start: Transparency and good communication with the public are firmly in her sights.
In addition, there are five other independents.
Full Results are here:
South Kesteven District Council
A fantastic win in South Kesteven as Independents take 22 seats on the Council. Another ten seats are in non Conservative hands, Green party 4, Liberal Democrats 4, and Labour 2, so that an Indepenednt coalition running the Council could be 32 seats.
Full Results are here: