Huge thanks all for your marvellous support.  Wendy Liles did a great job and is clearly a superb candidate. We did very well on the postal voters and in Billinghay, gaining 225 votes.  Thank you.

The Liberal Democrat won in the other villages, gaining less than half the votes overall, with the Conservatives second, on a final vote not far from Wendy’s. It was a three way split.  Before the election, there were no Lib Dems on the Council (NKDC), and people came from far and wide to run a strong campaign with an overwhelming deluge of leaflets and door-knocking. Congratulations to the winner, Adrian Whittle, and we look forward to working with him.

Huge thanks to everyone for your kind support. I know Wendy greatly enjoyed meeting everyone and spoke highly of residents and the important issues you raised.


If you are not yet registered to vote in your current home, or you would like to vote by post in future where no ID is required, now is a good time to sort that out.


Wendy is the candidate who you can see is already working solidly in our villages

Ring to find out more!  07759 119135

Election 14th December 2023

    From Wendy Liles

Local, Lincolnshire Independent, Reliable, already working solidly in our communities

  • Chair of Billinghay Parish Council
  • Volunteer at the surgery, representing patients
  • Caring, working as a complementary therapist




Like you, I want the very best for people who live here.  I am asking for your vote. I am local, community minded and a Lincolnshire Independent, part of a team of ten, already working for our villages.

My top strengths for you

  1. Local: I live in Billinghay with my husband and am Chairman of the Parish Council, taking over for a second time as a fresh pair of hands. You see our work in the Billinghay Times. You may also have seen me helping at the GP surgery in Billinghay, as a volunteer and a patient representative for you.
  2. Strong Community Support: I support all our local residents and have worked tirelessly on the Parish Council and can do more on the District Council. I fight for what is important to you, for better local services, local funds and against poor planning proposals in the wrong place, such as the huge biodigester.
  3. As a Lincolnshire Independent, I am free to listen to you and take effective action for you. I am supported with experienced and determined councillors who have a strong track record of improving our local environment, good planning decisions, housing and supporting our local services, businesses and communities.

Why vote?

Much of what happens in our streets is influenced by the District Council, including planning, housing, tackling anti-social behaviour, supporting local businesses, all using part of our council tax. Please add your voice as to how it is spent, by voting for me now.

As a Lincolnshire Independent, I vote independently and put people before politics. Lincolnshire Independents are succeeding on the Council, because we have a determined team working to get the best for you and your neighbours here in our rural ward.

Thank you

for reading my leaflet and finding out why I am the best choice for your vote. I hope to have an opportunity to speak with you in the coming weeks. Please get in touch if I can help.

Let’s make our Council work for us and not for the government parties in Westminster! Put your vote with the well-known, local person you can trust, please vote for Wendy Liles.

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Liles


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