Robert Oates and Charmaine Morgan are ready and waiting to serve you as your new MP’s!

Welcome to our two Lincolnshire Independent Parliamentary Candidates.

They both live in the right constituency, rooted in the community and visibly committed to working for you. Please vote for the ones you can trust;

  • Sleaford, North Hykeham and our lovely villages Robert Oates
  • Grantham, Bourne and lovely villages Charmaine Morgan


Robert Oates 

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Charmaine Morgan

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Brief from


Sleaford and North Hykeham Constituency


As a local resident I know first hand what our community needs. As a Sleaford town councillor, I work to make the town an even better place. As a North Kesteven District councillor I have supported many initiatives to improve our district for everyone.

But we suffer from underfunding of the NHS, schools, police, transport and more. The Conservatives take your vote of granted. If elected, I will speak up in Parliament for Sleaford and North Hykeham to get our fair share of the national budget.

New houses are being built in our towns and villages without the necessary facilities such as GP practices, schools, shops, nurseries, and community halls. I will work for stronger planning laws to prevent that happening.

I support more renewable energy to lower your bills and combat climate change. But I oppose covering our farmland in solar industry to supply electricity for areas down south.

National party candidates are coming here from far and wide to make promises they cannot keep. I make only one promise, if elected I will work for you not a party boss and make the case in Parliament for Sleaford and North Hykeham to get a better deal from government.

The last Parliament had more Independent MPs that Liberal Democrats, in the next there could be 100 Independent MPs. If elected, I will collaborate with them to influence government and get the action needed for our communities.

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Parliamentary Candidate, Grantham and Bourne Constituency

I have been an active campaigner locally for nearly 20 yrs and have been proud to be elected councillor for 13 years. We live in an amazing historic and diverse environment but year on year there has been more pressure on the budgets of vital public services including our council, police, NHS, MoJ or MoD. Transport is expensive or sparse. Everywhere we see a degradation in services and shortage of available affordable housing, despite the best efforts of those involved. Our rural environment, vital for its role in people’s wellbeing, tourism, ensuring food security and provision of wildlife habitat is threatened by development and now solar farms, which are accumulating along the A1 corridor on green fields, and could be placed elsewhere. Our historic assets are protected by weak policies, often unenforceable.

The cost of living crisis has hit everyone. Householders, businesses and organisations all face increased costs. Yet incomes, benefits and pensions are not rising to meet increased outgoings. A lack of spare money in our economy is hitting local businesses too. NHS cuts put lives at risk. Changes are needed to planning policies to halt development without infrastructure as well.

Instead of proposing more support for our communities, mainstream parties are either planning to minimise tax increases or are attack our most vulnerable people on benefits instead. They are tinkering at the edges with no sense of urgency regarding the challenges we face or proper strategic planning.

We need and deserve better than this. As a Lincolnshire Independent MP I would be free to stand up for our community and will work with others who share our concerns cross party.  I will lobby for urgent action on the issues raised, a fairer tax system, tighter regulations and fairer distribution of funds for our County and our Constituency.

You are welcome to contact me on 07398 156296 or email

Best regards


Charmaine Morgan

  • Chair SOS Grantham Hospital
  • Conserving Grantham
  • Grantham Remembers

Tel: 01476 574748   Mob: 07398 15629645

Harrowby Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG319ED


We are also supporting Independents Mark Le Sage in South Holland and Laura Ashby in Lincoln.


Why Vote Independent?

We have 520 Independents standing across the country. In May, just a month ago, Independents saw a 70% rise in elected members, as people are looking for something different and something better – that’s where we come in, the Independents! Vote Independent to get a strong local voice, committed to our communities and focussed on the things that matter to us locally.