Our first refugees are now arriving in Lincolnshire, under the two schemes; the family and friends which is unfunded and the sponsor scheme which is funded. Thanks to Rev Chris Goldsmith for support and to families already registered to sponsor refugees, hosting for at least six months and getting visas.  We already have about twenty families in our area who have offered to host and we have regular support meetings. The visa process includes a check on the refugee and the Councils do a check on sponsors. Hosts are assisting with the paperwork, including registering for a GP, dentist, school places, universal credit and jobs if they are able. The government will pay £350 per household and money to the Council to cover council support.

North Kesteven District Council in support of Ukraine

I have also been in weekly national meetings with the Minister for Refugees, Lord Harrington. We have raised the issue of having various refugee statuses, and we have a number of Afghan refugees still in hotels awaiting settlement, some 27.000 people.  The visa applications (approximately 30,000) are now being processed faster as we have host families waiting.

Those willing to host Ukrainian evacuees can visit for more information.  More at

The Wellbeing Lincs service can be accessed by Ukrainian arrivals or their host families to get further advice and support. or calling 01507 613044 office hours.

A local community fund has also been put in place dedicated to helping those arriving in Lincolnshire who are unable to meet specific costs and needs over and above what government and councils can provide.

The Lincolnshire Community Foundation can be found at



Reduce the energy price hike with energy savings, especially insulation, draught-proofing, low energy lights, thermostat control, not leaving things on when you don’t need them. You might want to use the poster at the end of this newsletter. The Council for the Protection of Rural England have a Dark Skies campaign against waste light.


More Solar Panels

The NK Independents proposed £200K be used on our Council buildings to make them more sustainable. More solar panels are now agreed, saving energy costs. We made some other useful proposals which we hope will be coming on stream through the year.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy provide a free advisory service supporting residents (including landlords) with reducing energy bills & keeping warm at home. To speak to one of the Centre’s experienced advisors:

0800 082 2234,


£150 Energy Payment is paid as a one-off Council tax dwelling rebate based on being resident on 1st April in a band A to D property. It is paid automatically if you normally pay Council Tax by direct debit. If you are not paying by direct debit, it’s a bit more complicated.  01529 308266 There is also a discretionary grant for higher tax bands, where there is genuine hardship.


Energy Saving Network

There is help to reduce costs and even some grants Please contact Janet Clark by phone on 01529 301962, or email


Help with Bills from Anglian Water

Extra Care Support is available from 0800 169 3630

Check you are on the best tariff via 0800 232 1963

They also have a Priority Services Register if you have any extra needs.,


A snowless winter was broken on the last day of March, this year!


Planning – Your View is wanted

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan is the set of rules against which all planning applications will be compared to decide if they get permission or not. The current plan is being replaced. Some changes were made, and some concerns remain, especially around cumulative impact of housing developments and turbines not limited to any maximum.

I raised five of your key questions at the meeting on 28th February highlighting the issues of village growth and turbines. I got some full answers and was followed up by an unsuccessful motion from the County Council to exclude the large turbines from policy.

Your comments need to be in by 9th May 2022 to 01529 414155

The Consultation on the Local Plan is here

It does give opportunity to ask to speak at the Inquiry.

These policies have to be backed up by evidence which you can check out here

If we want changes, comments have to be based on an aspect of the plan being not “sound”, that is deliverable or justified, (eg because of numbers or matching facilities), not effective or not consistent with national policy.

Thanks to all who sent their comments previously, but they need sending again as your previous comments will not be forwarded to the Inspector. You may like to write again raising the issue of whether your points have been properly considered. All previous comments will not be passed forward to the Inspector, so we will need to write again. Writing also means the Inspector may invite you to speak at the hearing, which is very helpful.

Comments made last time are on the tab at the top of the home page A useful contact for questions is Juliet Cousins on 01529 414 155


Supporting local Heritage: Mrs Smith’s Cottage

Open every week, Friday to Monday 12-4pm, The Cottage has a whole series of events organized to inspire you and your family. Book your visit through the website here.

Free Spring Flowers Craft Pack and Spring Bingo.

7th April Willow Weaving,  9th April Buss about Bees

12th Rag Rug Workshop,    14th Teachers’ Open afternoon

17th Easter Egg Hunt



Insulation may save up to 40% of your bill, so well worth having. Properties for let have to be up to a reasonable standard by law. There are grants if you get really stuck with your bills. The Citizens Advice Bureau is really helpful and the website has a geat page on “grants for insulation” 0808 278 7942. Veterans

Bassingham has a relief fund for residents 07801899615

Carlton le Moorland’s Young Person’s Trust 07943760155


Happy Easter!

Thank you for all you continue to do in our communities and your kind support. Best wishes.


Marianne Overton MBE

Working together to support people and planet

Some April Events

  • 9th Bassingham Bowls Club Coffee and Table-top sale at St Michael’s, Bassingham 10.30am
  • 10th 3pm Songs of praise in the Wesleyan Chapel, Brant Broughton
  • 13th Wellingore & District U3A Crown Jewells 10.30am
  • 14th Tea and Chat Norton Disney 2pm
  • 15th Bassingham Choir at St Michael’s Good Friday 7pm
  • 15th Pilgrimage walk round the Parish from St Peter’s Norton Disney
  • 15th Easter hunt at Metheringham 11.30am
  • 16th Welbourn Coffee Shop 10am noon
  • 17th Easter hunt 10.30am Leadenham Village Hall
  • 22nd 7pm Flix in the Stix at Jubilee Hall, Brant Broughton 01400 279227
  • 25th Two Act Theatre Company AGM 7pm
  • 28th 7pm Cranwell Military Wives Choir at St Chad’s, Welbourn 01400 272462


Out Walking? Try to download maps and information on local groups.