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Why not Be a Councillor? Or help a Councillor?

We are supporting the Be A Councillor Campaign with the Independent Network.  You can do a lot for your community as an individual, and we do.  You can do more by helping to shape and to access council resources for your community.  Here is a series of workshops, on-line seminars and conferences are being held

Why not Be a Councillor? Or help a Councillor?2024-02-10T11:51:21+00:00

Should Lincolnshire be the dumping ground of industrial solar developments?

You can scroll down for the BBC video with Cllr Ru Yarsley Motion to full Council North Kesteven District Council 25.01.24 From Lincolnshire Independent Cllr Peter Overton To listen to the 5 minute speech, click this Link   Scroll on the recording to 1.21 to 1.27  This Council supports the stance on large solar industrial developments,

Should Lincolnshire be the dumping ground of industrial solar developments?2024-03-04T09:54:13+00:00

Mayor or no Mayor _ Petition out now

Mayor or no Mayor, that is the Question for Lincolnshire, right now. I'm Marianne Overton, National Leader of the Independents and local Leader of the Lincolnshire Independents. Let me talk to you about the new so-called "devo deal" for Lincolnshire. Your voice is needed as the petition is out now. Here's why: Bureaucracy and

Mayor or no Mayor _ Petition out now2024-02-05T23:07:20+00:00

2024 Greetings!

We can do a lot in our communities, and we do. Let's do more by pooling our resources to make a bigger, more far-reaching impact, governed by our own elected representatives - ah, that is our council and the Government! Democracy needs good people like you to make good things happen right in your home

2024 Greetings!2024-01-01T10:40:16+00:00

Working at COP28

If you did not have a world meeting of leaders to thrash out an agreement on how to tackle the biggest threat facing us today, then we would be calling for one. Of course, this is not all that is needed. Action is needed at every level, from reducing holiday flights to offsetting your essential

Working at COP282024-01-04T23:01:33+00:00

Voting for Wendy Liles for Billinghay Rural

Thanks Huge thanks all for your marvellous support.  Wendy Liles did a great job and is clearly a superb candidate. We did very well on the postal voters and in Billinghay, gaining 225 votes.  Thank you. The Liberal Democrat won in the other villages, gaining less than half the votes overall, with the Conservatives second,

Voting for Wendy Liles for Billinghay Rural2023-12-21T11:11:37+00:00

Mayor or no Mayor?

Comment from Marianne Overton MBE, Leader of the Lincolnshire Independents and of Independent Group at the Local Government Association More conservative lunacy ?– first we had the elected PCC and now they are proposing an elected Mayor? What next? The Lincolnshire “Devo Deal” adds bureaucracy and cost, for little gain to Lincolnshire. This is a

Mayor or no Mayor?2024-01-07T15:00:45+00:00

Independents lead a clean-up campaign

Independents lead a clean-up campaign The proposal for action was put forward by Lincolnshire Independent, Cllr Marianne Overton MBE,  sparking a powerful debate at Lincolnshire County Council and unanimous agreement to tackle the issue head-on. “Every day, our rivers, lakes and beaches are being poisoned with sewerage. It has got to stop. Local residents are

Independents lead a clean-up campaign2023-09-15T17:44:10+00:00

Fighting to keep Railway Ticket Offices- success!

LINCOLNSHIRE INDEPENDENTS ASKED COUNCIL TO TAKE ACTION ON TICKET OFFICE CLOSURE After a huge campaign, the Rail Companies subsequently agreed not to close the Railway Station Ticket Offices. "We are delighted at the rail Companies, working with our Government, have made this right decision to keep this local service," said Cllr Marianne Overton MBE. “The

Fighting to keep Railway Ticket Offices- success!2023-12-13T23:44:09+00:00

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