Meet Ashley Delaney, your Independent choice for Carholme Ward, Lincoln City Council

Ashley Delaney is an inspiring young man, standing in the City Council election. He lives in Carholme Ward, Lincoln and works in an Independent Business in Bailgate, Lincoln. At 31, he has learnt a thing or two and is full of drive and enthusiasm, ready to create a better life for all in Lincoln.

Meet Ashley Delaney, your Independent choice for Carholme Ward, Lincoln City Council2024-05-08T09:58:31+00:00

Should Lincolnshire be the dumping ground of industrial solar developments?

You can scroll down for the BBC video with Cllr Ru Yarsley Motion to full Council North Kesteven District Council 25.01.24 From Lincolnshire Independent Cllr Peter Overton To listen to the 5 minute speech, click this Link   Scroll on the recording to 1.21 to 1.27  This Council supports the stance on large solar industrial developments,

Should Lincolnshire be the dumping ground of industrial solar developments?2024-03-04T09:54:13+00:00

Mayor or no Mayor _ Petition out now

Mayor or no Mayor, that is the Question for Lincolnshire, right now. I'm Marianne Overton, National Leader of the Independents and local Leader of the Lincolnshire Independents. Let me talk to you about the new so-called "devo deal" for Lincolnshire. Your voice is needed as the petition is out now. Here's why: Bureaucracy and

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Working at COP28

If you did not have a world meeting of leaders to thrash out an agreement on how to tackle the biggest threat facing us today, then we would be calling for one. Of course, this is not all that is needed. Action is needed at every level, from reducing holiday flights to offsetting your essential

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Mayor or no Mayor?

Comment from Marianne Overton MBE, Leader of the Lincolnshire Independents and of Independent Group at the Local Government Association More conservative lunacy ?– first we had the elected PCC and now they are proposing an elected Mayor? What next? The Lincolnshire “Devo Deal” adds bureaucracy and cost, for little gain to Lincolnshire. This is a

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Fighting to keep Railway Ticket Offices- success!

LINCOLNSHIRE INDEPENDENTS ASKED COUNCIL TO TAKE ACTION ON TICKET OFFICE CLOSURE After a huge campaign, the Rail Companies subsequently agreed not to close the Railway Station Ticket Offices. "We are delighted at the rail Companies, working with our Government, have made this right decision to keep this local service," said Cllr Marianne Overton MBE. “The

Fighting to keep Railway Ticket Offices- success!2023-12-13T23:44:09+00:00

Supporting our Community Support Officers (PCSO’s)

Supporting our Neighbourhood Policing Lincolnshire Police and Community Support Officers (PCSO's) set to reduce from 91-50 We wanted PCSO’s because they are neighbourhood based, with the purpose of heading off incidents and avoiding criminal actions. PCSO’s build trust and relationships and give community reassurance. They deal with victims of anti-social behaviour, help guide and keep

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Runaway Success!

Lincolnshire Independent Alison Snookes was elected onto Sleaford Town Council last night, after a hard fought campaign. Huge thanks to all for helping and for voting to #elect Lincolnshire Independent Alison Snookes.  Alison will do a great job for #Sleaford and has already started on the issues raised on the doorsteps, thank you. Turnout was

Runaway Success!2022-08-05T14:31:33+00:00

Government Raid on Social Housing

Government’s Right to Buy announcements will make it harder for people to find homes “Our aim is to make sure everyone has a decent home they can afford, but this week’s sudden Government announcement to extend the Right to Buy scheme to social housing providers is a damaging raid on their assets.” Cllr Marianne Overton

Government Raid on Social Housing2022-06-15T11:43:17+00:00

Lincolnshire Traffic up 30% in a decade

Lincolnshire Transport Plan 5 Response from Lincolnshire Independents     November 2021 Economic growth that encourages further traffic is counter-productive and is not the primary objective of our communities. COP26 has established that the current decade is critical. New fossil fuel vehicles will still be on sale until 2030. There is no alternative but to reduce traffic

Lincolnshire Traffic up 30% in a decade2021-12-12T00:33:34+00:00

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