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Congratulations and thank you Congratulations to Lincolnshire Independent Robert Oates in Sleaford and North Hykeham and Charmaine Morgan in Grantham and Bourne. Both did really well, despite having no TV coverage nor even hustings in Sleaford. Robert achieved over 3,000 votes, beating two national parties, Green and Lib Dem and keeping his deposit. Charmaine Morgan

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Vote Independent got to Sunday Politics Show this weekend!

Why Vote Independent? We have 520 Independents standing across the country. In May, just a month ago, Independents saw a 70% rise in elected members, as people are looking for something different and something better - that's where we come in, the Independents! Vote Independent to get a strong local voice, committed to our communities

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Welcome to our two Lincolnshire Independent Parliamentary Candidates

Robert Oates and Charmaine Morgan are ready and waiting to serve you as your new MP's! Welcome to our two Lincolnshire Independent Parliamentary Candidates. They both live in the right constituency, rooted in the community and visibly committed to working for you. Please vote for the ones you can trust; Sleaford, North Hykeham and our

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A hidden Gem – the Independents!

The rise, and rise again of Independents! Behold the surge of the Independent spirit! In the heart of our local governance, a revolution is unfolding. As the dust settles, the numbers speak volumes: All 107 Councils have declared their results and the growing power of the 431 Independents is dramatic. The ascent of Independents in

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Why not Be a Councillor? Or help a Councillor?

We are supporting the Be A Councillor Campaign with the Independent Network.  You can do a lot for your community as an individual, and we do.  You can do more by helping to shape and to access council resources for your community.  Here is a series of workshops, on-line seminars and conferences are being held

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Voting for Wendy Liles for Billinghay Rural

Thanks Huge thanks all for your marvellous support.  Wendy Liles did a great job and is clearly a superb candidate. We did very well on the postal voters and in Billinghay, gaining 225 votes.  Thank you. The Liberal Democrat won in the other villages, gaining less than half the votes overall, with the Conservatives second,

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What does the Uxbridge by-election mean for the future of Independent politics?

Attending the Uxbridge and Ruislip by-election, following Boris Johnson’s resignation, I saw the Conservative Party vote fall from 25,351 in 2019 to 13, 965, which was close enough for a recount. There was a very full set of candidates with plenty of choice of Independents and party members. 11 out of 17 candidates attended the

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Thank you!

Huge thanks to everyone for terrific support in these elections for our Lincolnshire Independent Councillors. In North Kesteven, all our current Lincolnshire Independents who stood, topped their polls and were re-elected. One member got almost a thousand votes. Thank you to Glenn Tinsley for his work, stepping down for now. Thanks to our members who

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Please Vote Lincolnshire Independent

This election matters to every one of us. Local Councils control or influence almost everything about our daily lives, in the streets and in our homes.  Councils are tackling climate change, improving town centres, local economies, education, health and care. If you care about our community, please vote. Lincolnshire Independents are your voice on our

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We’re off! Starting gun is sounded!

Over 25 good local people have signed up to support their communities over the next four years, forming the team of Lincolnshire Independents. In a fantastic wave of goodwill, people from all walks of life have stepped forward to serve our local areas.  They bring a huge range of talent and expertise; Nurses, farmers, engineers,

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