March News

Your community needs you! We have elections in April for postal voters and May 4th to vote in person.  All District, Parish and Town Council seats are available for election and the Government has changed the District Councillor areas or “wards”.   Most, but not all, Parish and Town Council wards are uncontested. Three District Council

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Asylum Seekers to be moved to Scampton

Over 60,000 people have signed this petition against the Conservative plan to put thousands of asylum seekers together in three MOD sites, one being Scampton.  Scampton has an advanced £300m heritage plan, now heading for the scrap heap.  At the same time, the Conservatives are forcing a cut to local policing by removing all of

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We’re off! Starting gun is sounded!

Over 25 good local people have signed up to support their communities over the next four years, forming the team of Lincolnshire Independents. In a fantastic wave of goodwill, people from all walks of life have stepped forward to serve our local areas.  They bring a huge range of talent and expertise; Nurses, farmers, engineers,

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More February News

News is emerging about the earthquakes of Turkey and Syria. You may want to help the British Red Cross, among the organisations here. Voting in April and May 4th 2023 Both District and Parish Council Elections May 4th  Voter ID: Despite widespread objections from the Electoral Commission and Councillors, the Government has decided to require

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New Year Message

2023 New Year Message from the Lincolnshire Independents Through challenging times, our local councils battled against a backdrop of chaotic national government, war in Europe and a cost-of-living crisis. With encouragement from Lincolnshire Independents, local councils worked together to make our case and some extra Government funding was received. Our communities have risen to the

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Winter news

Greetings! I hope you are doing well. This is my newsletter to let you know what I am doing on your behalf and to keep in touch with you. Let me know if I can help with anything. This month I am leading on Tackling Climate Change. Tackling Climate Change COP27 I was honoured to

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November News

Greetings! I hope you are doing well. Let us know if we can help with anything.  This month I am leading on Tackling the Cost of Living increases.   Support Grants for Local Wellbeing Activities Grants of up to £5,000 are available for community groups to increase local wellbeing. Deadline 2nd December. 01529 305825 or

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October News

Paying for Energy-what others are doing I have just been in Brussels talking with Councils across Europe and to the commissioners, about their emergency measures that they aim to bring in fast.  Our Independent group at NK called for a windfall tax on the windfall profits of the fossil fuel energy-producing companies to assist insulation

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September News

This month leads on Tackling the Cost of Living increases and local events. Calling on Government With Liz Truss announced as the new PM, there is a lot to do. I have been working cross-party and sent a joint letter of congratulations and setting out what we need to support residents in the forthcoming months

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