August News

Greetings! I write following the inspirational Lionesses winning the football Euros. Brilliant!  This month I am leading on Carers and Highways.   Hot and dry - weather extremes On the hottest day on record, trends explain there is evidence that we can expect many more. Trains all cancelled on the East Coast, tarmac melts at

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Summer News

Welcome to our new Lincolnshire Independent Councillor, Bob Oldershaw (left) Elected last month and representing Sleaford, Bob will do an excellent job, bringing skills from his career in the RAF and a commitment and connection to our communities through his voluntary work. Huge thanks for your support. Bob has done all his training and started

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April News – Supporting Ukraine Refugees, Saving Energy

Supporting Ukraine Refugees Our first refugees are now arriving in Lincolnshire, under the two schemes; the family and friends which is unfunded and the sponsor scheme which is funded. Thanks to Rev Chris Goldsmith for support and to families already registered to sponsor refugees, hosting for at least six months and getting visas.  We already

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March News – New Local Plan, Ukraine

Ukraine  The brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia is horrific. Ukraine’s democracy were in no way threatening, but now they suffer war with all it’s pain.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Ukraine. Our communities are helping, with local businesses and schools as collection points for food, blankets, clothes and firt

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Reducing Energy Costs – February News

Reducing Energy Costs Properties in bands A to D will get up to £150 rebate, that’s 89% of dwellings in our District. There is also a small discretionary hardship fund for bands E to H. The Government is helping the Energy companies but we need more focus on grants for better insulation. People who

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Congratulations Mayor Oates!

Congratulations to Cllr Robert Oates, Mayor of Sleaford. Lincolnshire Independent Councillor Robert Oates was elected by his fellow councillors to be the Mayor of Sleaford for 2021/22. His wife Ann will be his Consort. In his year of office, Robert aims to progress the first ever Neighbourhood Plan for Sleaford which will guide the long-term

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May News

Greetings! Hope you are safe and well and looking forward to seeing you soon at the polling station if not before! Supporting Local business and community: So good to see local businesses and organisations reawakening with great local produce, flowers and services. Thank you. Elections – Thursday 6th May 7am-10pm Less than a week to go!

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On the road to success!

Annual Report: Our Work at NKDC to March 2021 I wonder how many of you could name five things we at NKDC has done for your communities this year? The Council has 42 elected members, of which 21 are Independents (14 Lincolnshire Independents) and 21 are “NK Administration”, formerly Conservatives. According to the website, we

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