Voting for Wendy Liles for Billinghay Rural

Thanks Huge thanks all for your marvellous support.  Wendy Liles did a great job and is clearly a superb candidate. We did very well on the postal voters and in Billinghay, gaining 225 votes.  Thank you. The Liberal Democrat won in the other villages, gaining less than half the votes overall, with the Conservatives second,

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Independents lead a clean-up campaign

Independents lead a clean-up campaign The proposal for action was put forward by Lincolnshire Independent, Cllr Marianne Overton MBE,  sparking a powerful debate at Lincolnshire County Council and unanimous agreement to tackle the issue head-on. “Every day, our rivers, lakes and beaches are being poisoned with sewerage. It has got to stop. Local residents are

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A reckless mini-budget from Liz Truss?

NEWS COMMENT 25.09.22 - updates 10.10.22 Independents Respond to the “Mini Budget” The new PM and cabinet started off their term by the biggest tax-cutting since 1972, abolishing the top rate on income tax and ending the cap on bankers’ bonuses. It is to be paid for by borrowing. Elected by less that 0.2% of

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Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Marianne Overton MBE writes on behalf of the Lincolnshire Independents, It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Our sincere condolences to King Charles III and all the Queen’s family. As Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and figurehead over seven decades, the Queen demonstrated the very essence of unstinting public

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