Why not Be a Councillor? Or help a Councillor?

We are supporting the Be A Councillor Campaign with the Independent Network.  You can do a lot for your community as an individual, and we do.  You can do more by helping to shape and to access council resources for your community.  Here is a series of workshops, on-line seminars and conferences are being held

Why not Be a Councillor? Or help a Councillor?2024-02-10T11:51:21+00:00

2024 Greetings!

We can do a lot in our communities, and we do. Let's do more by pooling our resources to make a bigger, more far-reaching impact, governed by our own elected representatives - ah, that is our council and the Government! Democracy needs good people like you to make good things happen right in your home

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Personal Freedoms – Peter Lundgren comments

Walking around the communities delivering leaflets a surprising number of people have stopped me to ask about my position on personal freedoms, specifically the freedom to speak and the freedom to demonstrate. Obviously, the government bringing forward legislation to curtail people’s personal rights and the ‘ban the bill’ protests have raised the profile of personal

Personal Freedoms – Peter Lundgren comments2021-09-01T19:05:05+00:00

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