Independents Return to Lincoln Cathedral!

Independents at the new Lincoln Cathedral Centre 4th March Local Government Association Independent Regional Event At Lincoln Cathedral Centre 4th March 2022 Thanks to all who joined us for an inspiring day at the new Lincoln Cathedral Centre for a conference hotspot on post-covid issues. Disappearing Councils, “levelling-up”, mental health and tackling climate change all

Independents Return to Lincoln Cathedral!2022-04-13T14:24:12+00:00

Personal Freedoms – Peter Lundgren comments

Walking around the communities delivering leaflets a surprising number of people have stopped me to ask about my position on personal freedoms, specifically the freedom to speak and the freedom to demonstrate. Obviously, the government bringing forward legislation to curtail people’s personal rights and the ‘ban the bill’ protests have raised the profile of personal

Personal Freedoms – Peter Lundgren comments2021-09-01T19:05:05+00:00

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