Should Lincolnshire be the dumping ground of industrial solar developments?

You can scroll down for the BBC video with Cllr Ru Yarsley Motion to full Council North Kesteven District Council 25.01.24 From Lincolnshire Independent Cllr Peter Overton To listen to the 5 minute speech, click this Link   Scroll on the recording to 1.21 to 1.27  This Council supports the stance on large solar industrial developments,

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Working at COP28

If you did not have a world meeting of leaders to thrash out an agreement on how to tackle the biggest threat facing us today, then we would be calling for one. Of course, this is not all that is needed. Action is needed at every level, from reducing holiday flights to offsetting your essential

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Independents Return to Lincoln Cathedral!

Independents at the new Lincoln Cathedral Centre 4th March Local Government Association Independent Regional Event At Lincoln Cathedral Centre 4th March 2022 Thanks to all who joined us for an inspiring day at the new Lincoln Cathedral Centre for a conference hotspot on post-covid issues. Disappearing Councils, “levelling-up”, mental health and tackling climate change all

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On the road to success!

Annual Report: Our Work at NKDC to March 2021 I wonder how many of you could name five things we at NKDC has done for your communities this year? The Council has 42 elected members, of which 21 are Independents (14 Lincolnshire Independents) and 21 are “NK Administration”, formerly Conservatives. According to the website, we

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