Putting Lincolnshire First: Independently

Our purpose: To serve local communities independently and without fear or favour support the causes that help Lincolnshire thrive.

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For the purposes of various Acts of Parliament, and in particular, those relating to financial regulation and accountability, Lincolnshire Independent representatives are required to be a registered as a political party, The Lincolnshire Independents Lincolnshire First (LILF).

Crucially however, the Lincolnshire Independents do not operate as a party. Each councillor retains the freedom and respected right to be completely independent in their views and aspirations, and in particular, in exercising their vote.

Members may support each other if they choose, but no party-political whipping system is in place or allowed.

All Lincolnshire Independents may vote, speak out and support their local causes freely, on behalf of the communities they serve.

Members remain independent, but work together to provide a well- informed, actively-independent, local-first presence where it counts. By keeping all independents supported, the network is there to ensure national party-politics comes second to the needs of Lincolnshire communities.

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