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Your local, Independent candidate for County Councillor for Louth Rural

Hello, and thank you for visiting!

I have lived and worked in this area since 1970 and know this area well. I am very aware of the benefits and difficulties of living and working in a rural community. I represented the villages as an Independent District Councillor at East Lindsey District Council, until the boundary change, and as a school governor and Parish Council Chairman at Scamblesby.

If you elect me…

I will listen.

Make it a priority to question and demand the Council is fully focussed on leaning on MPs and Government for the money it is owed to deliver services and a healthy economy.

Recent cuts to the ring-fenced pothole grants from government show us that the current Council is not effective.

I have a proven track record as an Independent, not compromised by the political whipping system of the traditional parties, and always able to vote freely on all occasions for the interests of residents.

I shall not be toeing the national party agenda, enforced locally.

I will work with anybody to enable the outcomes that could benefit residents, businesses and the community.

Rural communities need a strong Independent voice to fight against

Roads falling apart for lack of maintenance and slow repair

Fly-tipping as access to waste sites is limited.

Loss of services and facilities

Unwanted changes to services

Loss of and reduction of the struggling Primary Health Care Provision

And wasting our money.

Rural communities need a strong Independent Voice at County Council to fight for

Services and facilities to meet the needs of all ages and income groups.

Investment in secure local job opportunities

Access to training and skills

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit more about me. I hope you will support my campaign with your vote this May.

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