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I’m 18, and the average age of county councillors, from my research, is just over 60.

It’s my future and the world I’m going to live in, and there’s older people making the decisions for us younger generations. It’s important for younger people to stand up and have their say.

I am born-and-bred Lincolnshire, growing up in the area and going to school at Washington and Heighington Primary Schools before going to Lincoln LSST for GCSEs.

I am currently studying civil engineering at Lincoln UTC after which I hope to take up an apprenticeship. or attend the University of Lincoln. The impact of COVID, a lack of opportunities for young people and the high number of applicants are issues all young people are currently facing. That needs tackling too.

Being a District Councillor is designed to go alongside full time employment or study to ensure we have councillors who are connected to their community. I am confident it will run alongside my work as a student in the same way.

My key policies will encourage more tree planting and better environmental care in local communities and improving road conditions.

As son of an experienced District and Parish Councillor, Peter Lundgren, George has grown up in a political household, and says it has given him an “understanding of what’s going on, what can be done to help and what can’t be done.”

Thanks to the Lincolnite for covering the story of “Meet the 18 year-old looking to be Lincolnshire’s youngest county councillor”

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit more about me. I hope you will support my campaign with your vote this May.

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