We can do a lot in our communities, and we do. Let’s do more by pooling our resources to make a bigger, more far-reaching impact, governed by our own elected representatives – ah, that is our council and the Government! Democracy needs good people like you to make good things happen right in your home area, so why not get involved?

Let’s make 2024 a great year for democracy! Why not start now? Join the Lincolnshire Independents today, now. Welcome. www.lincolnshireindependents.org.uk

We are a network of Independents working together to support local people and our environment in Lincolnshire and with partners across the UK.  We support good candidates throughout, right up to election, with remarkable success. You can stand or help others to success.

Wishing you all peace and happiness as we each do what we can and work together to create a better world. #2024vision Local Government Association