Congratulations to our TWO Lovely Lincolnshire Independents

North Kesteven Distric Council, Metheringham Ward

Includes everyone in the Villages, Fens and Heaths in the parishes of Metheringham, Tanvats and Sots Hole, Dunsston and Nocton.

Amelia Bailey and Mark Williams

It was an incredibly close election on a full slate of candidates.

Amelia Bailey was elected on winning a draw and Mark Williams was just 34 votes behind!

Every vote counts and every vote matters! Huge thanks to everyone for their brilliant support.

Fancy being part of the campaign? Please contact us or or 07980 780061

Ways you can help are here.  2021 Inviting helpers poster


Dear Resident,

Looking forward, we hope you are well, and like us, want the very best for our lovely local area. Here are some good reasons to support us.

  1. We both live and work here and already give strong support to our local communities.
  2. As Independent Councillors, we listen to you and take effective action for you.
  3. Lincolnshire Independents have a strong track record of improving our local environment.

The dream team is two Lincolnshire Independents working together and determined to put you and our communities first.

Amelia Bailey – elected

An NHS matron, giving mental health support for 20 years, including at Morton Hall, Amelia now runs the tea and gift shop in Metheringham High Street. She won the NK Community Award for going the extra mile during Covid to make sure everyone had what they needed. And if you were one of the thousands who kindly supported her in raising £100,000 for cancer research, thank you. Amelia has also just won the Linolnshire Life Best Tea Shop in the whole of Lincolnshire, against strong competition. Thanks for your support!


Mark Williams

Mark is an avid Lincoln City fan and qualified FA coach, with years helping children develop, play, and enjoy the beautiful game. A good organiser, Mark has set up the local Pool League bringing local communities together. He is “hands on” supporting and helping local businesses to develop. Mark’s background is in manufacturing, developing and supporting the IT infrastructure for a UK and China-based company before in recent years moving to the County Council, where it is people rather than products that count, but the same focus to develop, support, and improve.

Why vote for a Lincolnshire Independent?

Lincolnshire Independents are different because we are not tied into anyone else’s agenda. Local needs and issues are frequently not the same as those nationally and it is extremely important that local needs are independently represented. “Lincolnshire Independents also work together to have greater influence. Please vote for the dream team to get the best for your local area.”

Leader of the Independent Group, Cllr Marianne Overton MBE

Metheringham Ward needs a strong team of Independent voices, working on your concerns.


Lincolnshire Independents will work for you and your community

  1. Save our Surgery Campaign

Seeing a GP locally at Metheringham Surgery is vital to many of our residents. We need your support to save our village surgery from closure, threatened by a party push to have fewer GP surgeries with bigger distances for sick or vulnerable people to travel.  We see the impact of Conservative plans to close local surgeries and downgrade Grantham Hospital, breaking promises and increasing pressure on Lincoln A and E. Independents will fight to keep our surgery.


  1. Save our Village Character and local services

At the same time, both big party councillors are pushing huge numbers of dwellings on us, not for local need, but sacrificed for national “economic ambition”, stretching our services to breaking point and still leaving local people homeless.


  • More money for local services

Lincolnshire is short-changed in funding, our support wrongly taken for granted. Big party members undermine our case, taking pride in “growth” creating more demand, yet ever lower local funds despite roads cracking, environmental decay and increasing needs of care and health.


Only Lincolnshire Independents are free to speak up clearly for you.

Amelia Bailey and Mark Williams stand for;

  • Strong support: local businesses and services
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour
  • A clean green environment
  • Support good play areas, youth activities,our local schools and pre-schools
  • Encourage mental health supportand Community Networks
  • Tackling climate change without massive turbines in our landscape.
  • Houses for local need, in the right place and making sure we have facilities around them

Amelia Bailey and Mark Williams listen, focus on you and together we make good things happen in our villages. Both live or work in the ward. Each brings different skills.

If you would like to raise an issue or help our campaign, please contact us


Yours faithfully,

Amelia Bailey and Mark Williams

Metheringham Ward has a tradition of electing Lincolnshire Independent Councillors with a great track record of getting things done in the community. For example:

Lincolnshire Independents have helped all these so far;

  • Helping to fund-raise and support the creation of Play areas, such as Metheringham and Dunston.
  • Improving nature’s chances, biodiversity, as in Nocton Woods, protected in planning
  • Supporting local facilities including Metheringham Surgery and the Community Library,
  • Supporting events and helping fund-raise, as at Nocton Village Hall
  • Support heritage an communities as at Blankney Church and Churchyard
  • Helping community cohesion and to reduce crime, such as campaigning for better mental health support and against domestic violence, as at Dunston here.
  • Supporting heritage and small businesses wherever they are, here by the river at Dunston Fen, and the road improvements to enable business survival.
  • Initiated and supported activities for young people, such as youth club and wildlife activities, here at metheringham Airfield Nature Reserve.