Our Recovery

Post Covid 19: Recovery in North Kesteven Contribution from the NK Independent Group (Lincolnshire Independents and Independents)   Introduction The impact of Covid 19 on our daily lives has made many of us rethink what is important in life. Nationally, being under lockdown, not dissimilar for many to being under house arrest, has reduced the

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Personal Freedoms – Peter Lundgren comments

Walking around the communities delivering leaflets a surprising number of people have stopped me to ask about my position on personal freedoms, specifically the freedom to speak and the freedom to demonstrate. Obviously, the government bringing forward legislation to curtail people’s personal rights and the ‘ban the bill’ protests have raised the profile of personal

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Towering Turbines in Lincolnshire

Today the politically controlled Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Local Plan committee essentially gave the green light for on-shore wind turbine development in the Lincolnshire countryside as part of a range of planning measures to deliver a carbon zero future. I think we all support the need for a carbon zero future but this proposal which includes wind turbines

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